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I know that there are "official" screens for nanopi. But I need screen without any container and which is cheap, fg $5.

Is there any documentation what kind of display are supported and how to connect it to nanopi?
I have tried to use bluetooth usb dongle which basis on CSR8510 chipset with nanopi neo. Unfotunatelly without success... In dmesg I can see that OS noticed that device is plugged but nothing else happed. What is mode lsmod gives empty list... Is CSR8510 supported? What should I do to use this device?
Hi. I'm new user of NanoPi Neo. I use RPi in embedded solutions for several year and now I try to use nanopi. With RPi I use raspbian and from my point of view everything just works and I can everything just install using apt-get. Of course, I can change my habitats, but I need some support to start...