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ver 20200901 kernel 5.8.5
fix audio 3.5 Nanopc t4
Ver 20200825 kernel 5.8.3
Ver 20200821 kernel 5.7.16
Ver 20200810 kernel 5.7.14
ver 20200720 kernel 5.7.9
ver 20200715 fix NVMe
ver 20200710 kernel 5.7.8
ver 20200706 kernel 5.7.7
ver 20200622 kernel 5.7.5
Update ver 20200604
Ver 20200529
add support 4K TV

P.S. It would be nice if FriendlyElec representatives could provide me with a sample of NanoPI M4. Then I can immediately create and test all systems for NanoPI M4.
Ver 20200527
kernel 5.7-rc7
3. Media size (free space) - you need at least 35-40Gb. This can be a problem right now for me. Can you provide the kernel source code after all patches applied in tar.gz? Don't worry if it's for NanoPC T4. If you only need the core, you can get it without the LE build, which is common to Armbian a...
By the way, now you can build not only LE, but also ArmbianTV (kernel 5.7-rc6) on the TV box itself (with some restrictions - the u-boot build is not ready yet and it must then be added to the image according to the instructions from the Armbian forum themes) :)
Yes, I would like to follow your step by step instructions to build the latest LE natively on NanoPi M4 (does not matter if it is for NanoPC T4). Kernel 5.7.y. That is what i understand by your post: "Now everyone has the opportunity to build a new version of the LE at once on your device RK33...
@lex wrote:
Hi Balbes,

Sounds good, can you provide your step by step guide to build LE on-board, kernel 5.7.y? HW decoding?


I understand correctly, you want to collect the latest versions of the LE image on the NanoPC T4 itself ?
ver 20200516
ver 20200512
added decoders for 4K
Now everyone has the opportunity to build a new version of the LE at once on your device RK3399. If there are people who want to try it, I will write a step-by-step guide on how to do it.
Try. If you have previously recorded to this SD card systems from Frendlyelec or other systems (or the card came with a pre-installed system), you will have to completely erase the SD card before recording Armbian. Systems from Frendlyelec use GPT, which blocks the normal launch of other systems fro...
Version 20200425.
Added support for analog audio (Jack 3.5) for the NanoPC T4.
ver 20200421
kernel 5.7-rc1
Sorry balbes, I was not able to get anything out of the NanoPi M4V2. I connected GND, TX and RX to the board, opened Putty, selected serial, entered COM7 (looked that up in device manager), changed the baudrate to 1 500 000 and connected. After connecting the power supply (jumper cable or external ...
Are there any K2 owners here who can help perform a small check on Libreelec's K2 startup ?
A NanoPi M4 (NOT V2) Do I understand correctly that you have an M4 model (not M4V2) ? If this is the case, you need a different u-boot. My images use the version for M4V2, I think it will not be able to run on your model (without replacing the u-boot). You can show a link or the exact name of the A...
then I zeroed out the SD card, which took almost 2 h What equipment did you use to do this ???? I flashed the image to the SD card via dd as well. Do not use DD to write images of work systems. Very often this does not work correctly, and the system cannot start from such a medium. This has been di...
I took the first image of this link: This option is difficult for you, it requires additional steps to configure DTB and add u-boot. You need to use this image. It is already configured for NanoPI M4. https://yadi.sk/d/Sex_1DyygvL4wA 1. Disconnect the eMMC module from M4 (you don't use it during th...
Try adding the correct u-boot for your model to the SD\eMMC card. Where should I put the u-boot file? I put it in the "root" folder, so the top layer, in the u-boot folder and I also replaced the u-boot file with it, but nothing worked. In macOS I formatted the eMMC storage with disk util...
Version with a bug fix for BT. I checked with myself, BT headphones-works. Please check how BT works with other devices on T4.

I uploaded a new version of 20200311-aarch64 to the site. it contains a test image for NanoPi M4. Please ask M4 owners to try running this image. Download the image for nanopi-m4, unpack and write to the SD card, do not need to change anything, connect to M4 and check the overall system startup. I a...
Hi guys, I did this whole procedure for eMMC and also for microSD card, but it didn't work. Try adding the correct u-boot for your model to the SD\eMMC card. After recording the main LE image, download and record the same u-boot image for your model. Unfortunately I don't have a Nanopi-M2 , so I ca...
v 20200226 kernel 5.6
ver 20200201
Dear all , I would suggest everyone to share his experience with M.2 SSD recognizable by NanoPC-T4 . From internet I found that these models should work: LITEON T10 120GB SSD Samsung MZ-V7E2T0BW SSD 970 EVO From my personal experience: "shorty" Toshiba KBG30ZMS256GA is not recognized by T...
Anyone is able to boot from the nvme? I can't find anything to get it managed. You can use a combined version of the system with NVMe. Tested on NanoPC T4, the system works faster than with eMMC. Please note that this only applies to a specific version of Armbian, which is listed in the topic link....
Update image 20200109
New versions of images with kernel 4 and kernel 5 were released. If there are those interested, it would be interesting to check the images of LE and Armbian on NanoPI M4 and any rk3399 models. Maybe someone will want to try generic images Armbian for RK33xx with the new kernel 5. https://forum.armb...
Update image Libreelec 20191112
Perhaps someone will be interested in the possibility of running LibreELEC on RK3399. https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/14078-status-of-nanopc-t4-rk3399/?postID=128204#post128204 Link to current topic with new images and descriptions https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/20823-not-official-le-version-fo...