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Thank you for your reply!

For battery: do you know any ready board to interface to T4?
For GPS: I found Ublox module to connect through I2C. I need to search accelerometer.

If you can let me know the software side coding required/webpage, it will be helpful.
@v8dave Thanks a lot for your reply! I checked the website of Newhaven but the resolution of a 10.1" display is less (1024x600). I am looking for a 1920x1200 resolution display. Can you suggest a few good quality Display makers (website link)? Since I am new to interfacing peripherals to an and...
How to interface below peripherals to nanoPC T4 board:
1. Battery
2. other sensors in a tablet like Accelerometer, Gyro, G Sensor, GPS module
The Friendly Elec do not have FHD IPS 10" display in their display list.
If I want to interface other display to this board, How to do it?
Can I find a display with matching connector? preferably MIPI?
Is it possible to connect below peripherals to T4? & How?
1. Lithium battery
2. GPS
3. Accelerometer
4. G Sensor