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Hi there,
I started an own proto based on SOM-RK3399. Thank you for posting dxf file on the wiki, but is it possible to have a full 3d model? It'll save weeks of work, and must already exist, as you are making your motherboards for this module.

Thank you!
Hi there, as it's a HIGHLY cumbersome process to flash the internal storage, I made a glitch and erased the GPT. After some bouncing between rtfm and madness, I have finally flashed Ubuntu desktop and it works, but!!! I have no idea how does it mount the partitions, as the GPT is empty for the momen...
I'll poke the topic.
Having fixed the dts, I could say "aplay -c 8", and /proc/asound/card2 does show channels: 8 on playback.
But the HDMI device does NOT recognize 8 streams in any way.

Am i stupid, or is there any additional wiring config for sending 8-channel audio to hdmi?!

Thank you.
Hi there. Whatever I do, the HDMI-CODEC audio device in ALSA is showing ONLY as stereo. As I can understand the TRM, the HDMI is attached to I2S2 (ff8a0000), which must be multichannel. Trying to understand the kernel driver, I found out that channels_max is proper 8, not 2. Where's the problem? The...
Compared bootsectors. Nothing changed => emmc ok.
Moreover, 3 times AFTER full refuse, it booted right with no touch of mine.
The board must be flickering, or I'm a wood.
v8dave wrote:
TE don't have any distributor for this part.

Back on the shelf, it goes. :(


https://eu.mouser.com/Connectors/Memory ... x9Z1yq3857
Armbian kernel 4.4.190 (not modded, despite panel-simple.c is NOT in defconfig :? ) and lightly modified DTS from orangePi.
Added proper reset line, frequency/sync, init string, voila - the display is working.
Quite simple compared to links above.
Maybe this is a hint? Preboot always selects device 0, be it sd or emmc...
Perhaps setting voltage for a wrong device is the case, previous boards (TI, allwinner) always used mmc0 for sd and mmc1 for internal storage.
Well, the bad thing is that it isn't me who designed the board. :) I have only one proprietary design using Octavo SOC - surely it works like a charm. The alarm I hear when the bootloader cries about the card voltage sounds very similar to the contents of the article you linked. Look, emmc has way m...
Addition: after I realized that my dtb experiments may have led to some hardware misbehavior (I'm new to all that device-tree madness and have not got the very ideology) I obviously started over with a fresh install. 5 reboots and we're broken again. Defective board? But ubunty did not flicker at all.
Ok. "Weird" is definitely the word of the day in this topic. 1. Download armbian image, flash it. 2. Using armbian-confing install the system to emmc. No need to press any button, as microsd always boots first. 3. Boot from emmc, set everything up, enjoy. 4. Reboot several times while play...
Success. :ugeek:
Will answer to interested people. Haven't tried mali connectivity ang acceleration yet, but framebuffer console is here.
:D Is this the only/first Linux you have ever seen? Yes, last 22 years I was using self-made images only on x86. Current servers have only 2.5 years uptime. But these boot issues actually can be problems of the board. Look: => boot Card did not respond to voltage select! => mmc info Device: sdhci@f...
VERY buggy distro, sorry. Flickering boot, unknown kernel source, drunk armbian-config doing unpredictable things... bah.
Will look for another distro with conventional filesystem.
igorp wrote:
cu6apum wrote:
igorp wrote:

Armbian doesn't destroy anything. If you install it on eMMC it will naturally wipe out everything, including boot loader.

Yes, it has.
And then third boot from eMMC somehow destroyed the bootloader in it. Not kidding, sowwy.
Most lightweight image, probably with kernel 5.3.y ? ... AFAIK it works but it takes a lot of time to light up the screen. Beta development kernel issues ... minor problem considering how much was needed to get here. No, 4.4.190. Funny thing, I cannot find the source! :D The configurator downloads ...
Writing DTS from scratch is a REAL pain.
Does anybody have a DTS with enabled DSI port??
Most lightweight image, probably with kernel 5.3.y ? ... AFAIK it works but it takes a lot of time to light up the screen. Beta development kernel issues ... minor problem considering how much was needed to get here. No, 4.4.190. Funny thing, I cannot find the source! :D The configurator downloads ...
@igorp - thanks a lot, I’m in. (Although the lightmost image failed to start; ok, let’s use desktop now...)
No hidden boot/config, no odd overlay fs - I prove! No need for strange eflasher. Linux as it is. Yepperz. :)
Things are already cleaned ;) Armbian does not have such weird partition scheme. It has identical scheme (from users perspective) on all boards virtually since the day one. A lot of work needed to get there ... Debian will get universal boot process, Armbian has it for years. What is the same as De...
Check Armbian. It has consistency across all platform. There is no uEnv.txt but armbianEnv.txt :) Afaik it's based on the same Ubuntu/Debian blend. I never encountered such weirdness in any of them, so I strongly suspect that it's unavoidable. http://opensource.rock-chips.com/wiki_Partitions Howeve...
Hi there. I'm relatively new to ARM SBCs, however 3 or 4 boards I used to work with gave easy and sensible way to manage peripherals: uEnv.txt for uBoot in Texas Instruments, or at least boot.cmd in sunxi. Here (nanopc-T4) we have hidden bootloader AND kernel, and if someone needs to add (or better ...
subscribed. ;)
Hi there. The crossboard for my mipi/dsi display is almost ready, so i went on with some preliminary research on how to make it live with T4. Unfortunately, exotic display support is a dark corner in most embedded distros, I found a track of it only for sunxi android kernels, that are unusable for R...
Pavel, sorry, found this line while my post was pending. Making the crossover board already for the module I intend to use.
Will post here if everything goes right.
Hi there,
I have found nothing in the wiki regarding the size and spacing of the ribbon cable for the subj. Anyone tell me please?
Thank you.

Also I'd like to see some success stories of bootstrapping the DSI display - as of now I see only questions, no answers. Is the interface alive at all? :roll: