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There are other interesting choices, such as (NEO4):

-> The camera module from the CAM1320 breakout is EOL.

-> Why are there GPIO, I2C and SPI buses on NEO4's GPIO1 (40 pin header) that are 3V logic and only 5V and 3V3 supply pins available on the same connector?
Same thing here, with a NEO4. Will try to get a capture.
Hello Dave, Thanks for the answer. I'm looking to use the triple axis accel/gyro MPU6050 and the LSM303DLHC magnetometer, since they are mentioned in the include file I posted a link to and I can get my hands on them. I'll dig more to see what I can find. I see there's some activity in I2C bus #2 at...
Hello All, I want to add an IMU (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) to a NEO4 with Android 8, and it needs to look "native" because it needs to work with any APP. I'm not comfortable with linux code but I can read some C and Java and took a look at FA's Android 8 source for the NEO4 a...