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The ssd below works on my T4

"addlink S70 512GB SSD NVMe PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 Solid State Drive with Read 3400 MB/s Write 2000 MB/s "
I just received the "Cooling Set for NanoPC-T4" i had ordered, It took 18 days to the UK. I installed it, the heat-sink is a lot beefier that the included one and comes with a 1mm thermal pad. It installed without any problems, I booted they T4 and the fan started spinning for a second and...
500GB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSDs are now below $90 USD. I would like to be able to boot the following from the NanoPC-T4's M.2 socket: Android 8.1 A LINUX port, Armbian, bionic, etc. Windows IoT Any suggestions? Yep. Install Armbian. The boot is off eMMC but rootfs is on nvme. it's fast. Android 8....
I just want to confirm if this is just my problem or other T4 users are seeing the same. This only affects during video playback, the video selection screen works fine. I have re-installed it a number to times, gave VLC as many permissions that i can find in Android Settings, Even tried different hd...
Fingers crossed you are right and the fan speed can be adjusted, Though a fan that speeds up and down can be more noisy than a constant speed one as you get use to the sound.

Will have to wait and see how noisy it is.
I have the "addlink S70 512GB NVMe PCIe Gen3x4" I have only used it on Android v8.1 so far, Not getting very fast speeds only approx 500R/450W when the specs are 3000R/2000W
I ordered one of these fan/heatsinks (waiting for delivery only been 5 day`s) as well, I have the steel case and the temp are hitting 70/80c

Looks like it only has the two power wires, No fan speed wire or fan speed adjust wire.

I just hope the fan is quiet.
On a side note. What is the thickness of the thermal pad that comes with the T4, I bought an "Innovation Cooling LLC IC Graphite Thermal Pad" but it`s too thin and fell out before i even powered up with the stock heatsink screws tight, I thought of doubling it up but it`s really slippery a...
I am using an "addlink S70 512GB NVMe PCIe" on my T4, In Android v8.1 Oreo, But i am only getting approx 500R/450W not the spec 3000R/2000W

I bought the correct antenna cable/connectors and adjustable black antennas to fit my metal case, You have to fit them to the holes in the case the correct way or you cannot close the case fully. Also i bought insulating tape "Kapton Tape" to cover the pcb around the antenna motherboard as...
On my NanoPC-T4

i am using an "addlink S70 512GB NVMe" Spec 3000R/2000W though i only get Approx 500R/450W in Android v8.1 Orio.

Not sure if this is any help as it`s not Linux.