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Welcome to Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS 3.4.39-h3 System load: 1.12 Up time: 27 sec Memory usage: 6 % of 494Mb IP: CPU temp: 49°C Usage of /: 27% of 7.2G root@NanoPi-NEO-Air:/home/pi# sudo turn-wifi-into-apmode yes Enter wireless name [default: friendlyelec-wifiap]: @@@@@ Enter password [default: 123456789]:...
In last release, it doesn't work:

Setup Wi-Fi AP
You can follow the steps below to setup Wi-Fi AP:
turn-wifi-into-apmode yes
Please reboot the system as prompted. By default the AP's name is
"nanopi2-wifiap" and the password is 123456789.

Please, advice.