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Hi, try this please,
.width = 1280,
.height = 120,
.p_width = 280,
.p_height = 27,
.bpp = 24,
.freq = 60, // the refresh rate, not the pixel clock. the pixel clock will be calculated by driver.

If the lcd displays something but not correct, you need to modify .timing or .polarity.
Good luck.
Hi, all

On the CAM500B pcb, please confirm that R6 is not soldered, and R5 is a 0ohm resister.
Hi, Dimoza
There are four small audio pads near DVP .
Hi, yoonts,
On the CAM500A pcb, remove R6, solder R5 with a 0ohm resister.
Hi, mikemoy,
Use MicroSD Card to boot and storage the system, then edit the file under a Linux PC ?
Hi, ranjanp
There is no Wi-Fi/BT antenna on this board. That means you must mount an external antenna via ipex connector.
Red wire to pin 1
Green Wire to pin 2
White wire to pin 3
Black wire to pin 12