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yeah i have heard about it before even from my previous account i had posted a thread asking for the same
okay i got it. Thanks for the post mcdvoice
grm wrote:
May I ask what version of armbian are you using? I have tried it on friendlydesktop and friendlycore and it does not work, the fan just spins at full speed all the time mcdvoice

yeah same problem with me
Update 2: I figured it out. I have an Netgear GS108E-300PES Switch (Smart Managed). It has randomly blocked port. I dont know if switch was faulty or maybe it was related to RK3399 TCP/UDP-Offloading issue mcdvoice in combination with managed switch (https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi//issues/2028)...
it worked thanks for the post mcdvoice