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If you are using friendlyelec image - http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/Buildroot_for_RK3399#Check_Help_Info If you using Armbian for T4 - it's more standard and you can normally compile kernel image and install it(I believe, Armbian used 4.4.178 by default for a week or something like thi...
My system is on eMMC, the FriendlyDesktop.
I want to upgrade the kernel to the latest version. (4.4.167?) And keep the data on rootfs no change.
I could not find any useful information on the wiki:(
How to do it?

BTW, is there anyone has found unstable issue of USB3? Could the new kernel fix it?
how about to attach your HDDs to the USB2 port?
I also found some issue on USB3...