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Well, short update on this.

The GPU is Nexell (kernel module nx_vpu).

I started with patching libdrm to support nexell....
Hi there, did anyone tried a combination of wayland/weston and drm already? I was wondering how to get drm to work. My current setup includes the 3.x kernel sources and a gentoo system. Wayland works but no DRM. Mesa had some support for vc4 (raspberry?) and vivante (exynos?) but that alone didn't w...
Hi there.

Had anyone some success with recent kernels?

I guess it shouldn't be to difficult but a good start would be a working DTS.
Hi there.

The documentation mentions PWM1 on GPIOA6. However H3 CPU only has 1 PWM listet in it's manual.

How is PWM1 supposed to work then?

Thanks for your support.
you could try these sources and change the dts to enable i2s
https://github.com/megous/linux (branch 4.6 and 4.9 are working for me)
I've got this running with kernel 4.6.7 using these sources:
https://github.com/megous/linux/ (branch orange-pi-4.6)

I also added a patch for NanoPi-NEO specific DTS.
Hi there, I've successfully compiled the h3_lichee sources and am running Gentoo on my NanoPI NEO. However, I've connected some LEDs to my board und would like to add these to the sysfs / leds structure. This should be possible via a .dtb file which is currently not used for the NEO. So here's my qu...