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Hi. NEO Core2 Ethernet Pin on HanRun HY901137C socket. NanoPi NEO Core2---HanRun HY901137C (PIN)---(PIN) D1+ <==> P1 MDI 0+ D1- <==> P2 MDI 0- D2+ <==> P3 MDI 1+ D2- <==> P4 MDI 1- D3+ <==> P7 MDI 2+ D3- <==> P8 MDI 2- D4+ <==> P9 MDI 3+ D4- <==> P10 MDI 3- Bye.
Yes, I found it in Mini Shield for NanoPi NEO Core2 Schematic.
It is JKM-0001NL (Part Number).
Hi, I have a Mini Shield for NanoPi NEO Core/Core2 from them. I try to replace other jr45 female jack. It's not working. such as HanRun HY911103A and HanRun HY901137C, I need to know what the part number of it. I want to create PCB by myself. If anyone know, please reply. http://www.es.co.th/Picture...