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Hello everyone today I'm releasing my port of the parrot security OS for the Nano Pi A64. You can download it here : https://www.mediafire.com/?zpbhcwwew2x2ces Checksums For Extracted File: MD5 : f0d9f9a2c55034e8fb3a2b55cab3d738 SHA256 : 4b379ab988e7565458dd4df4be7ab2e266dea714839c9dc240b9c7c989090d...
try installing the program again maybe it was saved in a different directory and the command wasn't linked or something

also check that your card isn't failing or corrupting the data.
apt-get update && apt-get install tor
You could try setting up the Neo Air to act as a Ethernet gadget but this would require another device to act as a bridge between Ethernet/WiFi and USB