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good support! amazing!
lubuntu would be ideal - but any linux works perfect for me.
looking for the same!
does anyone of you hava a solution by now?
i would really be interested - is it on github already?
Hi Everyone,

just another info - wiringPi Np is not supporting the NanoPi3.
Any ideas what could be used?
v8dave wrote:
Are you using a kernel that supports the HDMI output?

yes dtb file quotes microhdmi to be okay and the bootlogo is showing in the end. Problem occures with all OS - friendlyelec, lubuntu and co.
Hi everybody, i have searched the internet for hours and tried quite a bit of things to get the GPIOs on the Nanopi 3 working on Lubuntu. The RPi.GPIO_NP seems only to be preinstalled on the friendlyarm but not on Lubuntu. If you have any ideas how to get the GPIOs working on Java or Python i would ...
so i figured it out - the micro hdmi is the problem - with a s430 screen it boots totally fine. but the micro hdmi does not deliver a picture as soon as the system is booting.
Hello FriendlyElec,

maybe any response? Ideas? Tipps?
Hi together, i bought a nanopi fire 3 board and i am struggling with getting it running. I seem unable to boot it at all. The FriendlyElec shows up but nothing more happens. I do not have any USB-Debug device around. I tried sandisk ultra micro sd hc class 10 cards from 16-64gb, transcend 16gb micro...