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Hi Support, I downloaded the latest nougat images for e-flasher https://mega.nz/#F!vfAE2QYI!pE-fWltJfZu0Tzdqrt6Gsw?uGZEyYKD It looks like the images fuse ok - but the Nano T2 gets stuck on the boot screen (friendly arm logo). I have gone through the same process with the lollipop images and they wor...
Thanks to v8dave's answer and some further experimentation, I managed to include my apk when building from source. Steps: Place the custom APK in the following directory: /vendor/friendly-arm/apps/prebuilt Add the following code to /vendor/friendly-arm/apps/prebuilt/android.mk include $(CLEAR_VARS) ...
Hi v8dave,

I tried your approach but still no luck.

When you modified the .mk file, did you create your own entry or did you copy/modify an existing entry?

Would you mind sharing the .mk file so I can see if I am using the same terms?
Hi all, I would like to include a custom app (apk) when I build the Android 5 source for NanoPC T2. I followed the procudure below and then compiled and booted the img ok, but the app is not installed. FYI - the apk is called ControlCenter and it is signed with the supplied platform keys. Procedure:...

I am using the stock Android image that came with the 4418 SDK with an Android compatible USB camera (UVC type).

When I run the camera app, nothing is detected.