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Great, I sent you an email.

Hi, We make a VOLKSPC OS that can run both Android and Debian applications. We are pretty unique in this regard. Android runs at native speeds without emulation and Debian GUI applications actually run faster ( we don't use X11 which is the graphics framework for Linux). We already sell this distrib...
Hi, I got a NanoPI M2 and wanted to try out Android. Looks like your download page did not have an Android Image. After Googling I found S5p4418-android-sd4g-20160826.img that I tried. I wanted to report here. 1. My Monitor supports 1080P but Android boots to 720P. 2. The status bar doesn't have a p...
This looks like a kernel issue that needs to be fixed. Sadly support is lacking :(.


I just got a NanoPi-M2 and successfully install Debian image dated 20160826.
So far it looks good but I cannot shut down the box from LXDE menu. Shutdown reboots the system.
Is this the expected behavior ?