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Friendly Arm backup program. Android Eflasher http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... estore.jpg

I also backup for armbian from NanopcT4 it restoring no problem.

but friendlyElect destop not restoring . I have 14,37 gig .raw file.

I back up my eMMc to usb . ıts almost 15 Gig. And today I want to back to my backup . I restoring that file from usb, rebooting from eMMc but all black screen and blinking yellow led.

What can I do ? any help ?

Bilgi için teşekkürler. (gıcık oluyorum çince yazanlara şimdi sıra türkçede)

Friendly Desktop kurmuştuk biz testlerimiz için.

Armbian Debian sanırım değil mi ?

I tried Armbian very nice. but I couldnt have a flexibility to compile Qt 5.12 due to openGL , egfls etc progmlems.
Hi, I am using NanopcT4 with ubuntu. Today power gone of due to electricity down. After that nanopcT4 not starting from eMMc ubuntu. I see the logo friendly elect and stopping in a dark screen after that. Is it possible to have an eMMc corruption ? How I can fix that instead of the restoring the bac...

We are serving our cıstomer and they want to keep data and the code private should not be seen third parties ?

what you can suggest ? usb dongle ? luks encyption module etc ?

I installed friendly Desktop ubuntu, and cant read the OV13850 MIPI camera from VideoCapture cap(0) ,

gst-camera.sh is working.

How I can read video stream from camera with openCV ?

pls help
Is there any way to overclock nanopc T4 and can we select which cpu group will be used ?
No body ?

This is the one of the most importan feature that edge developer needs ?

How we can use ov13850 onboard camera from opencv ??

please help
I installed Qt desktop version to my NanoPc T4

I cann not connect cam(0) from OpenCv c++ neither python.

Is there any tutorial ? how we can use camera from OpenCV ?


Is there any backup / restore guide for Nanopc eMMC ?

time to time I would love to have backup to protect current states

When I try to open internal /dev/video0 . camera from open cv with VideoCapture cap(0) I have below error :

VIDIOC_QUERYCTRL: Inappropriate ioctl for device

How can I use onboard cameras with the OpenCV ?
Hi, We just bought a test device from amazon nanaPc T4 and try to compile Qt 5.12 (even Qt5.11 also ok) what is the best tested compile arguments for configuring Qt source to prepare compiling. In raspberry pi in the Qt source folder we can do this : ./configure -release -opengl es2 -device linux-ra...