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Hi there, I asked a similar question and didn't get a reply - I don't think this site is used much
Hi all, I would like to attach an SSD SATA drive to my M4 using the PCIE pins does anyone know what cable I need and also what pins to use ?

Hi all, anyone know where I can get a UART USB serial cable for the M4 - I'm in the UK
Take the emmc module out and it should revert to the sdcard
Thanks Pave but those links are for an ordinary Pi not a a NanoM4 running FriendlyElec
Hi all, I would like to use an IQAudio Dac hat on the NanopiM4 does anyone know what driver I need - when used on a standard Pi you load an overlay in the device tree but I don't know how to do a similar thing on the nano
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