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Android is the target OS. Which Carrier?
Title says it all.

In any form?
My post on this topic that Tiemichael linked is sufficient. However, you'll have to combine the last few posts to cover all bases.

It will root your system permanently.

Be sure to ask if you have any questions.
Since posting this, I have found the solution. I'm currently laying down for bed, but I will visit this thread over the next couple of days and layout what I've done. There are only code changes. Nothing else.
Any thoughts? Please I could really use some suggestions.. lol. I'm at a loss at where to even begin looking. This isn't my forte.
Hello all, I'm having a new problem. I'm using an HDMI extractor to pull high-def audio for my project and it works flawlessly in quality. However, now I'm having an issue where as long as the audio is over HDMI, the media volume is forced to 100%. I cannot change it using the volume control, lock a...
Has anyone successfully changed the location of the build path?

I'd like to add in a second hard drive for the system to write the image to. Thanks!
Perhaps there is someone else working on this who can offer some unique suggestions I might not have thought of yet?
Hello all, I'm trying to bake in drivers for a Sierra MC8775 sim modem using a pci-e to USB adapter. Does anyone have some insight/suggestions as to how I would start this project using Android 8 fully rooted? Also, does anyone know of a way to interface a sim module using something other than pppwi...
I'll post here because the thread is current again... I have found the necessary files and folders. All is good. I am having one issue though. I replaced the image with the one I want, converted to have the proper resolution. The same as my screen. When the boot happens and image populates the scree...
Raimo, you are the man. This is *exactly* what I needed! I have root now and everything I set out for is working correctly! Thank you so frikkin much!
- Yes, just create it. You can actually use any folder you want it just has to be referenced correctly inside "/device/rockchip/rk3399/nanopc_t4.mk". You have been most helpful! Thank you! - I've made the folder and added the files, but I have another couple of questions (answer them as i...
Yeah it took a while, but I did find it after remembering that feature.

Which line did you edit to hardcode landscape?
Where did you find inputreader.cpp?

Thank you!
Then try embedding SuperSU instead. That works for sure! The steps are: 1. Put the downloaded files into /vendor/root (make sure that you also copy the hidden file!) 2. Change root.mk: replace "vendor/amlogic/root" by "vendor/root" 3. Add also the line "vendor/root/su:syste...
Yeah it's actually very disappointing.
I appreciate the suggestion, but this doesn't offer a solution to us wanting to use the port designed into the board for video - this merely gives us a way to redirect audio coupled over the hdmi bus. I posted a question asking if anyone knew if using the eDP port would work with replicating the vid...
Mine does that as well. Bring it down to 50% brightness and see if it still does it. It could be a underspec'd set of caps or something else circuitry-related.

I'm not suggesting that's a fix - only a reference to make sure we're on the same page.
I am using eDP. Would it be possible to replicate the video and audio signal over hdmi, then use an audio extractor to pull audio from the hdmi stream?
Wow! An amazing contribution! I will be checking it out!

Question: does this build have root access?

Seriously, thank you.
Nope... no answers. It's really confusing why this board would have so many features without a way to really tap into its potential.
Anyone? Surely people aren't actually fully satisfied with 3.5mm audio?
Hello all!

The title speaks for itself - I am wondering why there isn't a larger move towards rooting this thing? It's a development board; yet there is no root available for this system. Maybe we could research as a whole how to get this done?
Hello all, Does anyone have a comprehensive understanding and/or experience with what can be used with the T4's gpio that goes in line with anything from any other product? Such a hats or shields? Surely there must have been some consideration taken in account when designing the board such that ther...
I know this is an old thread, but can you shed some light on how you did this? Where did you find this file?

Thank you!
Hello all,

I'm running Android 8. Has anyone achieved high quality audio from this board while using an eDP screen? Or perhaps someone has an idea of how I would do so? I don't think the gpio hifi boards for the pi would work here, unless someone knows otherwise. Any ideas?
I've posted this same question... it's absolutely astounding that the group trying to get root on this device isn't much larger. This is such a powerful board and using it to its full potential is why we purchased it. I need root for a 4G module... I can use kingoroot to root it and get everything w...
Hello all, I'm attempting to gain root so that I can modeswitch my USB SIM module. I'm using Kingo Root and it is working, however, on boot, root is gone and of course my changes do not function. This is pretty much all that happens. Does anyone have any clue what's going on? Or, has anyone successf...