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Thank you
what about the support for this camera on Armbian?
I am thinking to install this OS at this point
Thank you NicoD, I haven't tried your solution yet but it has helped me a lot,

A little update regarding Bluetooth Keyboard: it works perfectly on Armbian and FriendlyDesktop (Ubuntu 18.04).
I will try it soon on Android to test the 13.2MP MIPI Camera Module as well.
Thank you Pavel,
so such support depends on OS? (sorry for the dumb question)
I know Armbian but I want to use Android (since I want to use the 13.2MP MIPI Camera Module which seems to work only on Android), what about support on Android?
thank you
Thank you for the reply!
I have flashed the emmc module of my Nanopi M4 with Friendly Desktop but now I want to install Android.
How to "clean" the emmc module to do so?
thank you
thank you very much for the help,
can I hope in a future support or not?
Can I connect my Nanopi M4 with the Friendlyelec 2.8 inch resistive touch screen LCD 240x320 ?
I confirm there are 4 cable exiting the fan. I am on the fence regarding the connection of a 5v fan to a 3.3v gpio. I am not an expert so reading online forums etc is the only thing I can do to better understand voltage etc. At this regard I apologize if I haven't fully understood the thing, but som...
Yes, the fan is a Noctua NF-A6x25 5V PWM https://noctua.at/en/nf-a6x25-5v-pwm/specification I do not have the fan in my hand right now to verify it, but I remember 3 cable exiting the fan: 5V GND and a third one I found this link about WiringPi, http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/WiringPi_fo...
Thank you NicoD! Recalbox on M4: look for this file on github: recalbox_rockpro_alpha.img it is for Rockpro64 but works great on M4. I am a SEGA fan so I firstly tried DC emulation: works very very well (better than on DC) with few games (i.e. Crazy Taxy, Sonic Adv. 2, ... ) the same for PSX emulati...
Hello, finally last weeks I received all the stuff. the RASPAD works great with Nanopi M4: - the touchscreen works depending on the OS: doesn't work with Recalbox installed on microSD but works perfectly with Friendly Desktop (Ubuntu 18.04) on emmc module. - speakers works on both OS; - the Raspad b...
Thank you for your help! when I will receive all the stuff i will post the result. About powering the Nanopi M4: I have bought the 5V 4A "official" usb-c cable but I also have these two items: - UGREEN USB C Cable 5A Huawei SuperCharge USB Type C to USB A Charging Cable - Huawei 4.5V5A Sup...
talking about powering the sbc, inside the Raspad case, the battery (6000mhA LiPo) connects to the Rpi via a micro-usb, while on the opposite the Nanopi M4 have an usb-c.

What happen if I use one of those usb-c microusb adapter available on amazon?
Hello everyone, I bought a Raspad from Sunfounder and i want to use it with a much powerful sbc as Nanopi M4 4gb. I am not an expert but I know there is a lot to do, so I need your help :cry: 1) the plastic case need to be modified since the heatsink doesn't fit inside. 2)I suppose that the screen w...