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v8dave wrote:
I've gotten to work but it won't send or receive multi-part message for now.

Ah i got it.I hope that help in future ;)
Are you still working on this? I have a partial working RIL build for the NanoPC T3 Plus with Android 5.1 and include the SIMCOM RIL and I can send and receive SMS but PPP crashes com.android.phone after it connects. Trying to get some help with this. If you mean news apps nowadays,for sending SMS ...
Hi, I am trying to use Android on a M4. I did use etcher and win32diskimager to write the Android 7 and the Android 8 image to the emmc flash device using the adapter which came with it. This is working and I am also able to see the 2 partitions on the device after the flashing. If I am trying to b...
Did you read a guide?