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I have experienced some, but not all, of the problems described in the first post. @Mindee: I urge Friendly Arm to do a better job developing the Ubuntu-MATE operating system for the A64. This is an excellent alternative to the Raspberry Pi 3, but Ubuntu-CORE will not work for many people. Supplyin...
avensis wrote:
Personally I tested Volumio and DietPi: I started with Volumio at the beginning and finally I stayed at DietPi because a lot easier to set up: it is light and efficient. https://emilydavinci.com


This will not allow to go beyond seriously.
ams wrote:
But, there is no file related to logrotate present in os.
Do I need to create a logrotate files ? https://www.giannasgrille.com

Thank You.

How long you can be because of those present making and related files to transfer it :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
HI Dave, I got my logrotate working. Thanks for your guidance. But, I am stuck in rotating. Means It's not rotating regularly. When I am forcing it to rotate then only it is rotating I have kept the cron file for logrotate in cron folder. I am not confirm that the cron is running or not.There is no...
Face Identification on Cortex A72 core: It takes approx 940 msec. Face Identification on Cortex A53 core: It takes approx 2500msec. difference between 2xA72 and 4xA53 looks a bit too high for me. as well as between 4xA53 and 8xA53 in T3. did you check any other tests? (from OpenCV, for example, whi...
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I dont speak chinese :D
But after a translation, I see it need a hardware mod PhenQ:( geez I wont go this road since last time I tried soldering on a board that dense I failed miserably...

On this board you can boot off the power as well (Y)