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I would also like to see support added. Can we get an ETA or roadmap? It would be good to know if there aren't any plans so that I can explore alternatives.
I'm also seeing this problem. In addition, I consistently have to open a new console and kill `mandb` which refuses to exit in order for my apt package installations to complete.
Thanks for the info. Follow up: How do I set the i2c speed? The rk3399 datasheet suggests that the buses can operate at 1MHz. As an example, I'm able to change the Raspberry Pi i2c bus speed by modifying /boot/config.txt and setting a dtparam. As a note for others, I also verified these speeds by ch...
What is the i2c bus speed? 100kHz? 400kHz? 1MHz? Is there a way to configure the bus speed?
Are there any other cameras besides the CAM1320 that are compatible with the M4's MIPI-CSI port?