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Hey Hermann, Thanx for the reply and sorry for replying so late. I kinda got frustated and gave up on connecting the display. But thank you for the new information. I will give it a try today and will be let you know how it worked out. Regards, Vivek. PS: On a completely different issue, have you be...
Hello Guys,

Is it possible to (has anyone tried) to connect a display (SPI, I2C,etc) to the NanoPi NEO?
Any HOW TOs available on this?

Hello All, I have conencted a PCM2707C USB DAC to USB Port 2 on 12 pin header (Pins: 4 and 5). The USB DAC is recognized and can be seen in alsamixer. In alsamixer, when I select the card 2 (USB DAC) and then escape out. After which I use command 'alsactl store' but the alsamixer defaults back to ca...