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Hi, have you managed to solve your problem?
Yes unfortunately the reflash is the only way
Hi, I also want to know how to activate the Android USB camera, no solution?

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Sorry I do not know any commands you can use from ADB, I hope you find a solution.

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Hi, I also have to connect the NanoPC-T4 to a 15.5 inch LCD panel and I do not know how to do it, thanks.

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Hi, I'm also looking for a way to root nougat on the NanoPC-T4, if anyone knows how to make it share it please, thank you.

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Hi, Android does not start for me either with emmc, how to recover emmc ?

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Have you been able to solve this problem?
I develop an app in which I want to recover an image found in the tablet. I have been looking for a while but without result. :cry:

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Hello, I have the same problem to compile Android, can you explain to me how you did?

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Hello, I do not know if it can help you but look if this site has an answer to your problem.

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Personally I tested Volumio and DietPi: I started with Volumio at the beginning and finally I stayed at DietPi because a lot easier to set up: it is light and efficient.

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Very promising card. Can I install Jeedom on it?

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