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you probably have unattended-upgrades installed. To verify :

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systemctl cat unattended-upgrades.service

If so, then you just have to wait until this process have finish its current upgrade ;)
So I found what was the process that was memory balloning causing the low memory issue : flanneld...

Yet this is a kernel bug that should be fixed one way or an other... anyone ?
and since flannel seems to be the source of my memory issues causing my rootfs corruption, I would recommand against it
coredns wont start before you have installed (and fully working) pod network add-on.
See here : https://kubernetes.io/docs/setup/indepe ... od-network
On our system, you have only 2 options weavenet or flannel. The later will requiere vxlan kernel module.
On debian based system, when installing mysql, your current root password is used to setup the mysql root password. If you dont know it, you can change it using this procedure. https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/resetting-permissions.html instead of that kill command, you should probably just u...
Would you mind posting the result of the command "locale" ?

There's probably something wrong with your language configuration.
Hello, I have 5 nano PC T4 boards running at home. Last week 2 boards gave me rootfs corruption. This week I am having the same issue on 2 other nodes... The last lines written in the syslog before the rootFS went readOnly was : Jan 3 12:04:59 nano16 kernel: [164560.312121] EXT4-fs error (device mmc...
komayyamok wrote:
On this board you can boot off the power as well (Y)

How ? :)
I dont speak chinese :D
But after a translation, I see it need a hardware mod :( geez I wont go this road since last time I tried soldering on a board that dense I failed miserably...
Building a new kernel is super easy (see the wiki)
Just add the modules you need, build your kernel and load it. Install your modules and done.
2. the board dont have any sata port, but there's many M2-sata adaptors available on internet with 2 or 4 sata ports for a cheap price.

I'm using my T4 as servers. I would like to have them turn back on after they lost power so I dont have to turn them on after a power lost (happened twice this week...).
Is there a way to set that ?

Since there's been 2 days between my question and its publication. I found the solution for both myself. Building a kernel is part of the documentation wiki : http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPC-T4#Compile_Lubuntu_Kernel . It's easy enough as the end product is the kernel.img file to f...
The lubuntu (at least as that's the one I tried) kernel come with hugepage enabled. But since allocated hugepages cannot be used otherwise, there's no hugepage allocated by default. To allocate 512 HugePages (2M each, so that's 1GB reserved to hugepages), as root : echo 512 > /proc/sys/vm/nr_hugepag...
Hello there, 1st post :) I want to build a minimal debian rootfs. I was expecting the rootfs to be an ext4 FS in a file, but it seems squashed. Would building a rootfs in a file then "img2simg" the file would work ? Or could I flash a non-squashed FS ? Beside, I need vlan tagging support (...