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I purchased s5p6818 kit with 9" capacitive display and 4G module. I installed Lubuntu operation system but unable to configure Quectel-EC20 4G module.

Pls suggest.
Recently, i purchased s5p6618 development kit with 9" touch display and 4G modem. It came with installed Android version in eMMC. I am trying to install lubuntu + eflasher downloaded from Download section. File Name - "s5p6818-eflasher-lubuntu-desktop-xenial-4.4-armhf-20190603.img" Pr...
I am using lubuntu with S5P4418 development board. I am successfully using SPI 0.0 as a Master and working. Problem 1 - I want to use SPI 0.2 as a Slave but device is disabled from Kernal. How to enable it ? Problem 2 - I want to use Interrupt but Kernal files are used as zImage and unable to change...
I am trying to install Debian into eMMC using "s5p4418-eflasher-sd8g-20170620-full.img" but it stops after displaying "WELCOME TO SMART4418" and "No eMMC detected".

I purchased Smart4418 with development board and 7" Capacitive Display.

Pritesh Jani