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It's something to do with X, FriendlyArm fixed it in their Core build.

But a good idea, Media script for Lubuntu was posted here:


I'll see what it does and try to replicate it for Armbian. Will post here if I get it working.
I've tried CLI version yesterday; HDMI output works now but I cannot get Kodi to work. I get:

ERROR: failed to initialize egl display
ERROR: Failed to find matching visual

I've tried installing Mali and Xserver stuff from Rockchip GitHub but that b0rks HDMI output.

Any suggestions?
Works just fine with 2018-07-19 release. Xserver is now included so I just installed Kodi and CEC utilities (that do not work as of this time but it's a minor inconvenience).

Thank you!
Hi, I've downloaded and installed Ubuntu Core image (2018-06-30 release) and am trying to get Kodi to work. These are my steps... sudo adduser --disabled-password --disabled-login --gecos "" kodi sudo usermod -a -G cdrom,dialout,dip,input,netdev,plugdev,users,video kodi I've enabled "...