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Hi weryzp.

Any news on the pull up for gpio?

Thanks in advance for your work
Hi, Firstly let me say I am quite new to linux and usually work my way through things by following other examples both on the web and through forums. I have previously used a rapsberry pi with python and RPi.GPIO to read from 4 switches connected to GPIO on the pi. I would like to connect 4 switches...

Is it possible to get the source files that were used to create the stl files?

I would like to modify the housing to add some extras.

Please send a link if possible.

Thanks You.

Just a quick update - audio out does work fine with the Friendly Arm Linux image, but the Armbian image M1 does not work. It also does not work with an M1 board. You can connect a small speaker to the pins, but the sound is very soft, I did use a small amp baord from ebay and it sounds great! If any...

I just received my Neo and I would like to attach a small speaker to it so I can get a notification sound. It does not have to be too load and I am wondering if I can connect it straight to the board and if so, what are the wiring connections.