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is it possible to rotate screen on Debian image (board is NanoPi S2)?
I tryed with Xrandr, but it is not working.
If I create Xorg.conf and put screen rotation there it hangs during boot time.

Is there any simple way to rotate the screen based on sensor input?

Thank you.

Just wanted to post that I allready solved the issue. I installed VM ubuntu on my computer and used make_ext4fs tool from https://github.com/friendlyarm/debian_nanopi2.git Tool is for 32-bit enviroment so I had to install also lib32c-dev From NanoPC-T2 I made image of rootfs with dd and then mounted...
What I did: I flashed Ubuntu Core with Qt-Embedded to emmc. I have installed all needed applications and made complete configuration of system. What I would like to do: Now I would like to backup this "rootfs" partition so I can simply overwrite the rootfs.img file in Ubuntu Core with Qt-E...