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Hi all.
Armbian has new desktop environments. In this video I show 4 of them. Gnome, Budgie, Cinnamon and Mate.
Now it can be downloaded for some boards, but not for all yet.
It is available for the Nanopi M4V2.
Greetings, NicoD
And here a preview of this image where I show some of my favorite Windows games.
Hi all.
I've just made a video where I show how to install Armbian Reforged on the RK3399.
This is a Linux gaming image with tons of preinstalled emulators.
Here is the video, enjoy. Greetings.
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Hi all. Panfrost has matured a lot in kernel 5.4, and has become very usable. I've writen a script to install all that is needed on Armbian Bionic 5.4 for Panfrost to work. In my video I show how download and install it all. And I show some gameplay with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYtj_cka6...
Hi all. I've finished my review video about the NanoPi M4V2.
I love the M4, and it now has gotten a little better too.

Here's my video,

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Nico Andy Dekerf
Hi all. I've made a new video where I compare the NanoPi M4 with the RockPi 4B, the Odroid N2 and the Khadas VIM3. Each have their own strong points and weakness. But I for sure love my M4. Here's the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yu8Rj7o9lk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yu8Rj7o9lk The ...
Hi all. I've made a new video about the NVMe hat for the NanoPi M4. I also show 8GB,16GB,32GB eMMC modules, SSD over USB3, on-board SD reader and NVMe transfer speeds. Here's the video. https://youtu.be/9NloRmcbklo https://youtu.be/9NloRmcbklo Here the gathered data. Storage speeds -------------- 8G...
They've been able to run Windows 10 for about 6 months on the RPi. Now there's a easy installer for it. Is there planned support for Windows 10 on the Nanopi M4? If the community is big enough to make it run on RK3399, then it could be possible. But I don't think FriendlyElec would ever do this. Tha...
I've tried CLI version yesterday; HDMI output works now but I cannot get Kodi to work. I get: For Kodi on the RK3399`s in Armbian there`s this script from JMCC: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/9272-development-rk3399-media-script/ It installs vpu support (4k 30fps), HW ACC for Chromium, and you can...
At this regard I apologize if I haven't fully understood the thing, but somewhere I read that this shouldn't be done since it can cause serious damages to the board. Is it true? Yes and maybe it is true. I'm also no expert. But you could short your board if you do this wrong. it can't hurt the boar...
You'd be better of with a NanoPi M4 or T4 or NEO4 than a T3+ for that. The T3+ isn't very good for desktop use(tablet use). The SoC is a lot less supported than the RK3399's. With the T3+ you can't watch video in 1080p or higher. It is rather slow for single core tasks. (many tasks are single core) ...
Yes. You can use wiringpi for that. Your fan is a 4-pin. https://noctua.at/media/wysiwyg/faqs/noctua_pin_configuration_5v_fans.png There`s a few things that could be a problem. Most of the M4 it`s GPIO`s are only 3V or 1.8V. Only the VDD is 5V. I don`t know if it will work with 2 different voltages....
Can you help me about the fan? That isn't as simple as pi. Is that Noctua fan 5V? What's the type? How many connections does it have? I think it will have pwm, but it must be 5V to power it with the M4. Here a good explenation on how to do this. 99% is the same for the M4 https://www.domoticz.com/w...
- the Sunfounder bluetooth keyboard does not work with Friendly Desktop or Recalbox. Where did you find RecalBox for the M4? so I decided to buy a Rawpower powerbank 26800 mAh and works great. I also got 2 of them. Best powerbanks I ever bought. Always a stable voltage, and they can give a lot of j...
Very insteresting. Certainly this part. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the info.
pavelectric wrote:
2) Added ffmpeg support, provides static libraries and header files, supports 4K hardware decoding (does not support hardware encoding)
3) Added mpv player, supports 4K hardware decoding
Ordered another CAM1320 and NanoPi-NEO4 to troubleshoot. Second camera works perfect with both NEO4 boards. Second camera + FPC cable from the first camera works as well, so the issue is something hardware related on the first module. It seems like the people of FriendlyElec stopped caring. Maybe n...
That's my whole problem, they put the strangest connector in the world which fans are not made with and now I have to buy a fan and the connector to make them myself.. Why they didn't just use a normal fan connector. I think the BM03B-GHS-TBT male connectors were at a discount because nobody else b...
awesome man you the best :) btw I never seen that connector in my life, do you know where I can get a fan with that type of connector ? I think this is it. But I'm not completely sure. I can't see the connector well enough. It is a pwm fan at 12v, so if it doesn't fit you could always put the right...
awesome man you the best :) btw I never seen that connector in my life, do you know where I can get a fan with that type of connector ? I think this is it. But I'm not completely sure. I can't see the connector well enough. It is a pwm fan at 12v, so if it doesn't fit you could always put the right...
Or can this be done with uart? I don't use Android, only Linux. When debugging Linux I use uart. Here the discription in the wiki. It's all in Chinese, but you can use google Chrome and translate it. "6 RK3399 platform Android hardware resources program access 6.1 Serial Port Currently, the ser...
if I cant use the usb c to adb into the board how else could I ? "adb usually communicates with the device over USB, but you can also use adb over Wi-Fi after some initial setup over USB, as described below. If you're developing for Wear OS, however, you should instead see the guide to debuggi...
Try contacting sales@friendlyarm.com I used to have good contacts there, but I must honestly say that it has dried out completely. I`ve tried many different email addresses at FriendlyArm and don`t get an answer back anymore. This could be because they can`t access their own servers anymore(China). ...
The T4 uses 12V. So the 5V of your computer can not power this. I suspect that's why there's no OTG.
I have a windows 10 machine and I installed the rock chip drivers but when I connect to the board using a USB 3 C cable windows cannot recognize the driver and it says that the driver cannot be initialized. I was wondering if someone had any luck using the same configuration To my knowledge the T4 ...
Darkcast wrote:
Wish the specified the type of connector like a micro or nano JST or something

They do on the wiki.
It's a BM03B-GHS-TBT connector.
Check at the pin-out of the fan connector.
I've got a CAM500B with an NanoPi DUO2. First thing I noticed when using the camera was that it gets extremely hot when in use. Too hot to touch. I've put a heatsink on it to keep it acceptable(it's only the module without the board) So if I understand it right it did work for a while. Do can you st...
- Huawei 4.5V5A SuperCharge Adapter with USB-C Can I use them with the Nanopi M4 without any risk? I read that this SBC does not work with usb-c PD compliant technology but these two items seems to have a supercharge ability while no references about PD compliant in the specifications of the produc...
You can use this fan if you use jumber wires.
The black wire is negative, and the middle wire is positive.
Then connect negative wire to ground, and the positive to a 5V pin.

Like this.
Hi. I just checked a video about that Raspad. In theory it should work. What you need to know is how much amps that power supply can handle. Best would be 2.5A. Then just use a microUSB to USB-C adapter. It isn't quickcharge. The display works with hdmi, so that should be no problem. The biggest pro...
Is it possible to flash a 16GB eMMC on a Nanopi M4 with the 3rd ROM version of OpenMeidaVault or Armbian? What exactly do you mean with 3rd ROM version? You can run the OS'es from an eMMC. For the Friendly OS'es you can use the eflasher images. First flash that to an sd-card. Put the sd-card in the...
You can use Armbian for this.
They should have everything you need.
https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guid ... eparation/
Hello jorgepp. Thank you for your proposal. I`ve already gotten the M4 and made a video about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgj9mR6Pl04 I now gotten the DUO2. This was from Chuting Huang(email address). But I can`t seem to contact him anymore. I`ve then bought the OV5640 camera for it because ...
SleepWalker wrote:

I have successfully installed FreeBSD 12.0 on NanoPi-K1-Plus

Nice job. Big thumbs up.
Hi. Are you sure it's the NanoPi 2 or any other NanoPi Neo2/S2/DUO2/... The NanoPi 2 is old and isn't sold anymore.
Best to use a usb to ethernet adapter with the NanoPi 2. I don't know of the availabillity of drivers for it.
I don't see any ethernet break-out pins on it.
Good luck.
Maybe use the right cable/camera and hit the idiot who didn`t read the wiki.

A short glimps shows the rpi has a 15-pin csi-2, check wiki NanoPi M4...
There is another microphone input next to the 3.5mm jack, which is just a pair of holes at standard 0.1" spacing, so you have to solder a connector or wire the mic directly to that one. I think they were planning to add a mic there. There's one on the T3+, only works in the FriendlyElec images...
The NanoPC T3 is faster then the T4. The T3 had got 8 cores at 1.4Ghz (11.2Ghz total) The T4 has 2x1.8Ghz + 4x1.4Ghz(9.2Ghz total) So multicore performance is lower on the T4/M4/Neo4 then on T3+. The advantages of the T4/M4 are the USB3, high single core performance, Last week I made a video about b...
It depends on which OS you're running on it. Arbmian is clocked faster 1.5Ghz/2Ghz. It runs a lot smoother, but it get's a lot hotter too, and it consumes more energy. The lubuntu armhf is slow and unresponsive. This is a 32-bit OS. Don't use this as your daily OS. Only for things that only run well...
I don't think any os uses alsamixer.
It should all be pulseaudio instead.

I've tried the 3.5mm plug with a stereo microphone in Armbian Bionic and it didn't work there.
With the Lubuntu's you could have more luck.

I've tried usb audio adapters and these all work.
Check your ram chips. It's writen onto it which chips it are. Type that into google and you'll know. It can be that not all ramchips on T4's are all the same. I think hwinfo can give this info. sudo apt install hwinfo sudo hwinfo or sudo apt install hardinfo hardinfo Dual-Channel 4GB LPDDR3-1866 Tha...
You could always use an HDMI capture box with USB3 on a RK3399 board. These are $60 or more. I would also like a good capture device on an SBC. I only know of the BPi W2. But I don`t trust BPi enough to buy such an expensive board. Their software is mostly garbage. If quality isn`t important you can...
The NEO4 only has HDMI.
The NanoPi M4 has got MIPI DSI + HDMI. I don`t know if you can use both at the same time.
It`s possible to connect a video card to the NEO4/M4 with the PCIe. But that would be a lot of trouble for this.
Use firefox. Only works on 64-bit. But it works perfect.
A good second best is Vivaldi Browser, better for surfing, but not perfect for video.
In firefox no dropped frames.
Watch my video to learn more.
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It would be good to see an available parts list for the T4 I have a large wish list but a price list would be great for example fans, remote controls, increased memory and in general just an accessories list. Hi. You can find all the available pats on the FriendlyElec website. https://www.friendlya...
I've tried the following combinations: eMMC => eMMC Adapter => MicroSD to SD Adapter => USB Adapter eMMC => eMMC Adapter => MicroSD to SD Adapter Tried different SD adapters but still the same problem whereby Windows doesn't see the eMMC whatsoever, or, sees the drive is there but intermittently ke...
Thank you so much for this informative review. My wife's getting me one for Christmas to replace our Odroid as our NAS. You mentioned that there is an active project to bring games station to the RK3399 boards. I look forward to your more in depth videos. Do you know if there are any projects to br...
Hello everybody.
I've finished my review video about the NanoPi M4.
I love the board, thank you.
Greetings, NicoD
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Thanks for your review video, We can send a NanoPC-T4 set to you, We’are still working on the new ROM, please leave your email.

Hello Mindee.
That would be absolutely amazing.
My e-mail address is dekerfnico@hotmail.com
Thank you very much.
I hope to hear you soon.
NicoD (Nico Dekerf)