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what is not working with Bluetooth? the stack cannot be installed? The Fire3 doesn't even have it however it seems that it shouldn't be that difficult to bake the stack in?
so there is no Windows based software that I can use to clone my SD Card with any of the offered base images once they have been written?
ok, hitting something that I have not hit before. I picked up the NanoPi Fire3 and installed the 64 bit Xenial base image to microSD card. Once I had it up I did the normal apt update, upgrade, and dist-upgrade process. I wanted to back up the image so if I break something down the line I can easily...
Hello, I just received my Fire3 board and have downloaded/installed "s5p6818-friendly-core-xenial-4.4-arm64-20180416.img" and see that it is 16.04LTS. Is there a timeline or ETA for 18.04LTS in the pipeline?