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@FriendlyArm Management: Please order an "orange pi" or "banana pi" with onboard wireless support and check if they provide an external antenna !!!!!! They do ;) Also can confirm; the NanoPi AIR without external IPEX antenna does not work, unless your nanopi is within 20cm of yo...
The I2S seem not to be implemented in the FA Ubuntu CORE image.

Can you please follow up on that ? I am also planning on using I2S.

Thank you!

I have a bunch of V1 NEO on my desk and recently ordered a new batch I presume is V1.1.
How can I visually identify the different versions ?

you will need to use an amplifier from the lineout to your speakers.
Look for PAM8403 based breakout board, those sell out for 2$ on AliE
are you using an amplifier ?
If you can't get the packet via apt-get; you can always do install from source : http://hisham.hm/htop/
just did an apt-get, it seems to be working for me ... using the ubuntu core distro provided by FriendlyARM

no version of ARMbian for the NEO yet, but I'm sure this will come out very soon ;)
For utterly simple GPIO access I'm using the following python command

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import os
os.system('echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio_sw/PA14/data')
>> set GPIO14 to 1 (HIGH)

... maybe something useful ?
Thanks, for your answers :)

I have actually already switched to ARMbian naturally after some research and so far I'm very happy about it !
... now I also hope it will run with the NEO !

Would it be possible that you guys brew us a lite/minimal (no graphical env) version of Debian for nanoPI M1 ?