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Is it normal?? T3 and M3 are the "bigest" FRIENDLYARM boards, and the only software package Matrix does not work with Ts and M3??? Shame ..
It proposes to change the name to UNFRIENDLYARM....

Sincerely..... :idea:

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Can you see anywhere 64-bit image?
Or show me where in the " Wiki Page " is - how to create 64-bit image?
I hope it is known to you that S5P6818 is a 64-bit CPU ?
...anyone here ?
I am surprised. I bought a board with 64 - bit processor. I was looking for in the images linux ( debian ) in the minimum configuration with the 64 -bit kernel. And...nothing (!) ??
OK, there is a possibility of generating your own kernel . But ... where a jet version of 64 -bit ?? !!