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but first release android image works usb wifi you know ! but next time friendly arm close this way why ?? and axp228 work finely when soldering 3.7 batt to boaRD (only nanopi m2) (when kernel enable this option) CHARGE OKAY READ voltage AND ALL batt status (linux-android) but not powering board and...
For Usb wifi
link not work
chensy wrote:
M2 can use USBwifi, you can refer to wiki:



Nanopi M2 android OS not work any USB wifi
if works android could you share
FATechsupport wrote:
Unfortunately none of our existing boards can support that


if make new kernel enable axp batt charge it is not solve charge/powering board via li ion batt (in kernel config file)

which your board support real batt powering
chensy wrote:
We updated the latest 2017-03-08 (4418,6818) img has support android 4 android 5 hardware access library, you can refer to
http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... are_Access

dear friendly arm

please make pmu battery charge enable nw Kernel and release

could you helps NANopi m2 owner
Dear FATech Support I have a question , about lithium battery pads near SD card socket in M2 board. Is it possible to connect 3.7V lithium battery to it? Your schematic approves there should be no problem. maybe some changes in U-Boot needed to reconfigure the PMU chip. Normally it should have 4.2V...
you populated .4.2 li on + and - pads pls look

please and please test all hardware before produce new dev board
I am waiting info about M2 board PMU hardware
friendlyarm do you planning Help I have a nanopi m2 board include AXP228 PMU and I see M2 board and schematic pmu Li ion batt charge pads placed on board and I solder these pads Li-ion batt after when I press WakeUp butt instandly Green led on then other leds on after one second system all off May b...
Need info NANOpi M2 PMU Li-ion batt powering
How is activate PMU Whit Li batt for boad powering
I think no clearly info your wiki pages

I have not receive info from you about Nano Pi M2 board axp228 Pmu li-ion batt working or not working

I see axp228 Pmu li batt charge pads populate on board back side but no info about this