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Hi Devs,

Please test the M3 with the latest matrix from git.

I am getting failures on initialising PMW & GPIO

Christos wrote:
ssa_jvz wrote:
When I tried though a new 16GB class10 UHS-I Transcent (30MB/s) it is now very fast, mostly 30sec on bootup, even faster than my Nexus on a cold boot and very fast in GUI performance.

Jut bought the Ultimate and Premium versions. I can confirm your finding as well...Android is blazing fast now!
Interesting. I am using a 64GB Kingston Class 10 (http://www.kingston.com/datasheets/sdc10_en.pdf) I'll have look for another SD card and try the Android image that way. Also, I am getting different results when I am using the dd tool in linux. Android complains that the system partitions is too sma...
I can confirm these issues too.

Could I ask about your experience with the Android image? (s5p6818-android-sd4g-20160426.img)

I am experiencing fair amount of lag, stuttering and bugs. Debian seems fine.

I would also like to attempt my own build, so please update wiki FriendlyArm
Hello, I've tested the images from both sites (google drive & baidu). Every time it gets stuck on 'journal service'. I've left the unit on for more than 12 hours. The normal SD card image works. The SD card I'm using is a 64GB Kingston class 10. I followed the guide posted on the wiki - flashing...