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And by the way, why are the /dev/ion dependencies missing on the OS image ?
Nice ! :D

Maybe we'll get somewhere with this !

Thanks Igorp ! ♥
Hi. I've tried the nanocams program provided with the armhf release of friendlycore, namely s5p6818-friendly-core-xenial-4.4-armhf-20171212.img ... and here is the output of the program : Memory usage: 5 % of 953Mb IP: CPU temp: 46°C Usage of /: 5% of 29G * Documentation: http://wiki.fri...
You're right Inixie, my bad, I was refering to DVP cameras, since it's the only interface available on the Fire3 :?
Are you saying the CMOS MIPI-CSI camera (5Mpx) sold at FriendlyARM.com isn't compatible with the NanoPCs T2 & T3 ? :shock: Weird, I could have sworn they were ! :o Right now, I'm having a hard time compiling the nanocams example for S5P6818-based boards. Mine is a Fire3 :? And out of the box, th...
Happy to see you finally reached the prompt, Alexiss :D However, that's just a "dd" issue, caching changes before a commit. It doesn't explain the lack of HDMI activity. :? I wish FriendlyARM took the Raspi road and created a FAT32 mini-partition, with some human-readable kernel config fil...
Maybe by giving your techs some slack and a day of work or two to answer questions on the forum, your products could flood the market !
Because feedback is THE TICKET to create a robust backers & 3rd party community.

What's are the Rasperry Pi's sells figures again ? Just asking ;)
I feel your disappointment Alexiss :( Okay, about the boot, I see the gist here... :roll: As seen in the wiki, in the Make an Installation SD Card / Boot NanoPi Fire3 from SD Card section : Insert this card into your NanoPi Fire3's boot slot(1), press and hold the boot key(2) and power on (with a 5V...
Anything ?

If none of the provided images is working AND FriendlyARM stays silent about it, we might as well buy a Raspberry PI3 instead of a $35 brick :?

We're buying a WORKING SBC here, not some happy-go-lucky piece of fiberglass with smd slapped onto it to make it pretty. :evil: