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Ok... I found out how to force my nano pi to go back to booting from sd instead of emmc. You can change back to the original default U-Boot environment variables by simply doing:

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env default -f -a

In case it helps anybody!
@guidol - I've been trying to do exactly this, interrupting the boot sequence, so I can stop it booting from emmc and set it back to booting from the sd card. I had an error using the eflasher tool from latest eflasher_4.14.0_20171208.img so now it never manages to successfully boot and gets stuck....
Thanks @Maroon5 - but the Core2 doesn’t have DVP?
Does anybody know how to use the FA-CAM202 camera with the Neo Core2? Is it possible to use the USB pins: DP1, DP2, DM1, DM2? There is an example on the product page for the Neo Core2, but it shows how to use the camera with the M1 board which obviously has actual USB ports. Can I just do the same t...