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Hi, I wonder if anyone knows if mjpg streamer found on the image has local patches for NEO, or if it is possible to update it from github? And in that case which version it comes from, as there seems to have been many forks. Thanks
I've been using the FA-CAM202 (the usb camera) and its working great, but I notice many of the commands through v4l2 does not seem to work (setting shutter time etc). I guess its because the driver does not support it. Anyone knows if we can find the source code for the drivers anywhere?
Thanks, but did you not miss to include how to get that output you pasted?
Sorry! NanoPI NEO, running Xenial 4.11. It also warns that fsck should be run at every boot
Hi, I cannot seem to run fsck at boot, which is needed as my device will be in a battery environment. I have tried updating /boot/boot.cmd and generating a boot.scr containing both forcefsk and fcsk.mode=force, none of them works. I tried creating a file /forcefsck but no luck there either. Anyone k...