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In the meanwhile, the latest Armbian build for the pine64 is declared 'stable'. And ir runs perfectly on my nanopiA64. Wifi is recognised and easy to configure. Almost everything works out of the box. Armbian-config is an amazing tool! :D
For those who are interested: I was able to create a usable system for my nanopi A64 using the generic instructions for pine64 on the Arch Linux Arm website. Almost everything works, except internet. I had to use an usb-dongle to get that going. Updated to Kernel 4.20.
@lex. Thank you for your reply. I'm afraid the monitor goes black -in sleeping mode- after it is turned on for a short while by u-boot, which is triggered in my opinion by a kernelpanic. My usb-keyboard is also rendered unresponsive after this. But it's a wild guess ofcourse. I don't have a HDMI-mon...