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Hii All, I am trying to hook up an External ADC device (ADC MCP3428) with NanoPC-T2 , below is the dts configuration for MCP3428. in s5p4418-nanopi2-common.dtsi step 1 : i2c4_gpio: i2c@4 { compatible = "i2c-gpio"; gpios = <&gpio_c 7 0 /* SDA */ &gpio_c 8 0>; /* SCL */ i2c-gpio,dela...
Some users asked us how they could replace the "FriendlyARM" boot logo with their own. Actually that logo is in the first (ext4) section of a ready-to-go SD card. You can search for "logo.bmp" and replace that file with your own boot logo. Hii, Firstly mount your boot directly a...
Hello, I am using smart4418 and it's running on debian. I've changed the boot logo in the directory /boot/logo.bmp, but now I want to change the duration of that boot logo because it is only visible for 4 secs maximum. I also want to hide the boot messages and show that boot logo during the startup...
Hi everyone. I have simple problem. I try to read temperature from DS18B20 sensor. I use ubuntu 16.04 and kernel: linux 4.16 it is default image from friendly elec. I try to activate 1-wire overlay so I write: sudo modprobe w1-gpio gpio=203 sudo modprobe w1-therm and after lsmod command: Module Siz...
Hii All, Here comes the Problem with Tiny210 USB's, when we attach any USB to Serial Converter to the available USB ports of WINCE6, It was showing Unrecognised USB device and Enter the Driver Name for this Device,Let me Know how to Resolve this issues or Do i need to change any modifications in Tin...

If any body ported WINCE7 to FriendlyARM Tiny210 , Kindly let me know the procedure.

Hello Friends,

I want to change the wince6 startup logo to custom logo in Mini2440 ,Kindly guide me how can i acheive this task.

Thanks in Advance :)
Hello Friends,

I want to purchase Tiny6410 ARM11 development board with 7 Inch TFT display, if you know any seller information from india kindly revert to shubakaraps@gmail.com.


Hello, Friends I am trying to load a FriendlyARM images into mini6410 from the available shipped DVD,and i will be using kingston 4GB SDHC Class4,2GB HP secure digital,128MB Kingston and 1GB Kingston sdcards,but i failed to images into mini6410 using these cards,just the LCD was blinking. Previously...

Did you installed the FriendlyARM USB driver on ubuntu PC ???if yes it has to connect.


Shubakara P S