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wertyzp wrote:
If you're familiar with WiringPI library you can use WiringNP https://github.com/wertyzp/WiringNP library

Why is ISR not implemented in WiringNP?
Hello, WiringNP SPI doesn't work on my brand new Nanopi M1+ (Ubuntu 16.04, 4.11.2). What I found out: ioctl SPI_IOC_WR_MODE, etc. works (ioctl return value = 0) but ioctl SPI_IOC_MESSAGE(1) I get an ioctl return value = -1. My impression is that the structures of spidev.h and kernel are partly incom...
Hello All,
Does anybody know where I can find a comprehensive documentation of the M1+ SPI and I2C interfaces?
Many thanks in advance.