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I just downloaded the latest "nanopi-duo2_sd_friendlycore-xenial_4.14_armhf_20190823.bin" file. After booting for the first time i installed iftop to check all the network activity. I would really love to hear why there are so many connections going on here. IMHO, there should be NO way th...
Can we expect to ever see a new NanoPi Duo2 style board with eMMC?
uSD makes it very impractical for industrial applications.
As I remember FriendlyARM wrote in some forum-thread that the eMMC on the "breakout" board of the NanoPi Duo was never supposed to be a bootable device.... They wrote is should be more like a log-drive :( About a year ago & some versions ago for the DUO This worked just fine. If it wa...
I get the same issue on mine as well.
Wish they would fix it already as I have told them about this months ago.
The Duo and Duo 2 have the same pinout. So i needed to have more storage so I pluged my Duo 2 into the Duo Starter Kit. It the 64G MiniPCIe mSATA card I have installed in the kit. I followed the directions as follows. Enter the "Boot Options" menu, go to "Boot device" and you wil...
I would also like to know this. Our current client will not allow us to use the usd card slot.
But we can add a USB drive.
Using SPI on the Neo Air SPI does not work properly. The clk line is not stable low after CS goes low as you can see here. 1.jpg #!/usr/bin/env python3 import time import spidev MCP23S17_MANUF_CHIP_ADDRESS= 0x40 MCP23S17_CHIP_1= 0x40 MCP23S17_CHIP_2= 0x42 # Used For 16 bit mode ONLY IODIR= 0x00 IPOL...
Where is the pinout for this Dock ?
I am looking for something a bit different. I need it to be an AP, then on another device I want to connect to it, and when i open its IP address in a browser I want it to show me all AP it sees so I can then choose the one I want and enter in the Wi-Fi password. Then what It should do is save that ...
When the Neo Air is placed in a product we need a way for the user to set up its Wi-Fi settings. They will not have access to the terminal to do this. Many other devices like this start in AP mode, and serve up a web page to setup the Wi-Fi. Would anyone be able to point me in the direction to do th...
I need to make a hidden baby cam, and have audio. So think small as possible. I bought the 5MP 1080p Camera Module which works well. However now I need audio. Anyone have any recommendations on what I can use to add audio? I know I can use a USB to mic adapter but I am trying to keep this as small a...
Boot speed can be a feature (to prevent crashing during boot), coincidence and not necessarily a bug. If you claim it's slow(er), you should analyze this to see if its a bug or a feature. igorp, I feel you misunderstood what I was saying. I did not claim there was a bug. I you take 2 NeoAir's one w...
I tried it on the NeoAir last night. I liked that it was nicely striped down and lean. however you could clearly see on boot up and shutdown that it was slower than the FriendlyElec image release. If i had to guess why maybe because of the CPU frequency setting, but that is just a guess. Honestly I ...
https://www.armbian.com/nanopi-duo/ Works! If you want kernel 4.14.y switch to a beta repository with armbian-config. ok, thank you I guess, but how does this have anything to do with my post ? Edit: I checked out armbian.com, trying it now on the NeoAir, so fat looks like a great thing. If it work...
I have tried this 2 times now to verify. I am using the NanoPi Duo Starter Kit, and have a 64GB MiniPCIe mSATA Half-size SSD installed. When I flash nanopi-duo_FriendlyCore-Xenial_4.11.2_20171122.img to a uSD card, and run npi-config and choose Boot Device, then D1 Hard Drive and reboot everything g...
Just got in my NanoPi NEO Core2 & Mini Shield.
On its wiki page, they show a OLED sired to it. where can we get that ?

http://www.friendlyarm.com/index.php?ro ... uct_id=213
I wanted a screen that would show the CPU % of all 4 cores. Much like htop does. I modified the bakebit_nanohat_oled.py source file. (though this forum wont let me attach a .py file. so included below. Copy and paste into your bakebit_nanohat_oled.py source file, located in NanoHatOLED Mine/BakeBit/...
guidol wrote:
I installed the 4.14.0 and updated with the modified sources.list successfully:
Fetched 75.2 MB in 9min 33s (131 kB/s)
Linux NanoPi-NEO2 4.14.0 #82 SMP Fri Dec 8 14:33:14 CST 2017 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Thanks, i did change mine. I just wanted FE to know they have it jacked up.
Friendly Elec, don't start getting cheap on us. The new NEO2 I just received has a non locking uSD card socket. I know RPI started doing this a while ago, and people like to follow in their footsteps. don't try to save $0.01 by using a non locking uSD on your stuff. You will turn companies away from...
@guidol, are you sure your using ...4.14.0_20171208.img ? I just downloaded it and can't see how yours could be different. Here is mine. root@NanoPi-NEO2:/etc/apt# more sources.list deb xenial main multiverse restricted universe deb x...
There is something wrong with the nanopi-neo2_ubuntu-oled_4.14.0_20171208.img for the NEO2 The /etc/apt/source.list file is wrong, and needs to get updated. apt-get update returns the following. Hit:1 http://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua.edu.cn/ubuntu-ports xenial-security InRelease 0% [Connecting to 192.16...
I I tried this, but on reboot there was an issue with disk size.
In the wiki for the NanoPi NEO Air, it talk about how to flash the image to the eMMC. That part is clear. Where it does not make any sense to me is you can only download the file which has the "flasher" in the name such as nanopi-neo-air_eflasher_3.4.y_YYYYMMDD.img.zip or nanopi-neo-air_ef...
Found it, its in /etc/rc.local.
Just removed the code there to start it.
I noticed that there is a task running named lcd2usb_print CPU:
How can I remove / uninstall it ?
I do not get errors with those. Yet when i do ifconfig eth0 down, it does not stop my internet access.
I discovered Mono yesterday. I think this would be a great way to develop on my NanoPi Duo. http://www.mono-project.com/ I installed it and tried all the examples and it worked just fine. Now, the only thing that has be puzzled is how to use C# to gain access to the I/O pins on the Duo. Has anyone h...
There is a simpler way.
go to the wiki page:

And scroll down until you get to Boot System from SSD

Works like a charm.
when i enter into the console. ifconfig i get: root@NanoPi-Duo:/# ifconfig eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 02:42:ff:ce:a7:8d inet addr: Bcast: Mask: inet6 addr: fe80::b5b9:acf0:e04c:825a/64 Scope:Link UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1500 Metric:1 RX packets:6...
Great writeup, thank you. Why doesn't Friendly Elec do much, much more in the way of giving examples of how to do things. Like I2C, SPI and so on. I think more people would gravitate to it if they did that. Just today I went here for WiringNP: https://github.com/friendlyarm/WiringNP And the NanoPi D...
Thank you both for the help!
@guidol, thanks so much for pointing that link out. It made everything so clear to do for a novice like me!
Since it's release there has been no new official rom image yet. Whats the holdup ?
Am i right in my thinking of what this does.
At power on, It will boot from the uSD card, then at some point switch over to the mSATA and from there on out only use that?

My whole goal is to keep the uSD access to a bare minimum.
I had the same problem, so I used both, a 8 GB SD card and a 32 GB mSATA SSD. I changed the /boot/boot.cmd on the SD (/ dev / mmcblk0p1) to (/ dev / sda2), that the SSD as / is integrated. setenv bootargs console=ttyS0,115200 earlyprintk root=/dev/sda2 rootfstype=ext4 rw rootwait fsck.repair=${fsck...
I did this and used remote desktop connection on Win10 and it worked. A bit slow, but works.
apt-get install xubuntu-desktop
apt-get install xrdp
When Is Friendly Elec going to trully support the users by coming out with an article like this one from Samsung concerning their ARTIK modules. If you guys want your stuff to really become popular you need to make more than just great hardware. You need to also make it easy for users to code for it...
Just to update this. I was told by support this. The SSD is not for system storage in our design, it is only for data backup, so we don't make any instruction for how run OS on it, sorry. This is too bad because the mSATA is SO much faster and better than the usd card. I wish they had designed it to...
I2C works fine, but if you use a Python library, written for Raspberry Pi,

Why isn;t there one for the NanoPi Duo, then ? that would be much better to use.
Why cant we get the NanoPi to boot from usb or mSATA, why does it only work with the uSD card ?
The problem is that there is no mSATA card installed. That is why we are getting these warnings. Once you stick a mSATA card it they stop. I don't know why they have not done something about it so people can use it without so they dont get the terminal filled up with this information when its useless.
davef wrote:
I think one needs to be clear which model of NanoPi one is working on and which version of the operating system one is using.

I don't think that is necessary because we are in the NanoPi Duo section of the forum, and there is only one operating system for it.
I cannot find any documentation on what this button does. Friendly Elec, please update the manual, and let us know what this is for.
Thanks for the great help, that worked!
However I am looking for a way to just use mSATA drive alone without having a uSD installed. Is that possible ?
I am thinking this has to be done in U-boot.
I just bought a Kingspec 64GB MiniPCIe mSATA Half-size SSD for my NanoPi Duo. I used Win32DiskImager to flash the image to it. I placed it into the NanoPi Duo Starter Kit and powered it on. But it did not boot. Can the Nano Pi Duo boot from mSATA ?
Thanks. However Friendly Elec needs to create a GPIO library for python first.
I have to say you make great products. However, the support from Friendly Elec is horrible. I want to use your products, but with the total lack of employee support there make me wonder how you guys stay afloat. You could be so huge with great sales if you would only take time out to support the use...
There is a very helpful page here for WiringNP in C. How about another page doing it in Python.
http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index. ... ing_with_C
I am using a SanDisk Ultra 16GB Class 10. Have tried 2 different ones, with same issues.
I would like to learn Python, and use it on the NanoPi. Most of the examples I am seing are for the RPI.
How can I use things like I2c & SPI for it.